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One of the most popular decoration methods out there, embroidery is perfect for creating a premium garment that stands the test of time! Your design is stitched directly into the fabric, so this automatically adds tons of value to any item so you can sell it for a higher price - and make even more profit. You can choose your item and design online or Request A Quote.

Embroidery is available for: All garments, excluding nylon and bras.

Recommended for: bags, headwear, and high value garments like jackets and hoodies.

Standard Embroidery

Our standard embroidery is a fantastic decoration method for most items, and is designed to last. Our recommendation is to add a small embroidered crest onto t-shirts to add a premium flair, or embroider studio jackets to add value and maximize your profit.

Pricing is affected by: Stitch count (complexity of the logo), and quantities ordered (minimum 12). For each additional 1000 stitches after 5000, there is a flat fee. Each design is custom quoted, the minimum cost is shown here:

  12 25 50 100
5000 Stitches $7.50 $4.50 $3.75 $3.25
+1000 Stitches (after 5,000) $1.00 $0.75 $0.75 $0.75


No setup fees. Minimum order 12. Price based per location.

Note: Sherpa items have special embroidery pricing to accomodate the fabric thickness and texture.

If you'd like to embroider an item with your studio logo, feel free to choose an item and design it yourself online, or Request A Quote from us and we can assist you through the ordering process!


We offer our embroidery in this variety of colours:

Closest Pantone equivalent shown. Due to printing limitations, colours shown and Pantone numbers suggested may vary from actual colours. Colours and availability subject to change without notice.

Premium Embroidery

If you want something even more luxurious for your studio gear, we offer Metallic Threads and Puff Embroidery. We recommend these for hats to add a fun texture or to competitive jackets to really stand out from the competition! For each of these, add an additional $3.50 per item. If you'd like either of these premium embroidery services, you must Request A Quote from us as they are not available online.

Metallic Threads

This dazzling embroidery thread is available in gold and silver. Gives you an even more ultra-premium finish.

Puff Embroidery

This 3D embroidery technique looks amazing on hats, and can make any design stand out (pun intended). Not available in metallic.

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