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Editable Templates

Editable Templates

Choose from a variety of pre-designed slogans your students and parents are sure to get excited about! We're constantly adding new designs so be sure to check back often. 

If you want to upload your own studio logo or change the placement/size of the design, choose "Customize Design" on the product page to go to the Designer.

These designs are available directly in the designer under Screen print designs.

  • Classy Canadian Chest Template Thumbnail
  • Minimal 2-Box Outline Thumbnail
  • Minimal 2 Box Horizontal Thumbnail
  • Double Square 1 Thumbnail
  • Open Box 1 Thumbnail
  • Open Box 2 Thumbnail
  • Open Box 3 Thumbnail
  • Double Square 2 Thumbnail
  • Close Box Thumbnail
  • Open Rectangle Thumbnail
  • Diamond Leyers Thumbnail
  • 3 Triangles Thumbnail
  • 2 Triangles  Thumbnail
  • Circle 2-lines Thumbnail
  • Circle minimal Thumbnail
  • Open Oval  Thumbnail
  • Paint Swatch Template Thumbnail
  • Classy Canadian Pant/Sleeve Template Thumbnail
  • Grunge Chest Template Thumbnail
  • Grunge Pant/Sleeve Template Thumbnail
  • Vintage Style Template Thumbnail
  • Line Art Dancer Template Thumbnail
  • Starburst Template Thumbnail
  • Ultra Minimal Template Thumbnail
  • Dancer Bars Cutout Thumbnail


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